• Turn Your Boyfriend’s T-Shirt Into a Spring Crop Top!Turn Your Boyfriend’s T-Shirt Into a Spring Crop Top! March 23, 2014   Spring is finally here, which means the long sleeves can start coming off! (literally, in this case) We wanted to give you a fantastic DIY crop top tutorial that you ... (405)
  • The in’s and out’s of Long Distance RelationshipsThe in’s and out’s of Long Distance… August 25, 2014   Long time no see, my darlings! It’s Avery again, from The Quintessential Life, and I am so excited to share some great personal tips with you all regarding long distant ... (236)
  • The Secret To Feeling PrettyThe Secret To Feeling Pretty August 20, 2014 I honestly couldn't tell you whats worse than a girl that is having an UGLY day. You know those days where nothing fits right, you would trade your head of ... (136)

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